Where is video going next?

On track to becoming the most valuable company in the world, Facebook’s focus on video is not surprising. From a communication standpoint, the most powerful medium is face-to-face communication. But what most closely mimics this human interaction? Video…and more specifically Interactive Video. Yes, even many communication professionals haven’t yet heard of interactive video, but I predict that by the end of 2016 this will change.

Think of interactive video with a new mindset as it’s radically different. With traditional linear video, the viewer presses play and then waits, and hopes, that they’ll receive the information they need at some point within the video. Interactive video seamlessly combines the interactivity and analytics of the web with the audience engagement characteristics of traditional video. If you want to check out a short interactive video that just launched this week, visit the IABC Heritage Region Conference homepage. The video¬†promotes the upcoming Heritage Region Conference and allows the prospect to select the topic that’s of most interest to them and if they want, click a link to go directly to registration. I hope to see you at this great regional conference.

So I guess the question is, what are you doing to help promote the strategic use of video to help your organization succeed in today’s digital first world? Please share your ideas below or if you’d like to discuss your strategy I’m all ears.

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