Communication most desired soft skill in business

It’s very exciting to know that we still have an amazing opportunity to teach, advise, guide and counsel our companies, colleagues and communities! Check out this list of the 20 most popular online classes this year. Communication courses are listed three times!

There is no shortage of skills you can learn in this world. The hard question is determining what skills you should learn.

There are a few different paths you can take to answer that question. You can look at what skills are the most sought-after by organizations. You can look at the skills that’ll most help your career. Or, you can look at the skills professionals are most eager to learn, a signal of their importance to succeeding in business.

This article is centered on that last point.

An important takeaway from the list: Communication is the most desired soft skill.

Three separate communication courses appear on this list, easily making it the soft skill professionals are looking to improve the most. Clearly, employees are looking to both build stronger relationships with their colleagues and turn more of their ideas into realities by communicating better.

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