Your organization may already include storytelling as part of a strong communication strategy. Perhaps you’ve brought that strategy to life. But how often are those stories striking a chord that engages and motivates your audience? What channels are you using to get the word out? How can you be sure you’re making a difference?

Cropped Aaron Foley interview image 5More than 80 people from across our region and beyond joined us June 18 for a complimentary webinar focused on a new model for civic engagement—innovative ways in which Detroit, MI, is redefining city communication. And all of us discovered applications that can infuse new life in storytelling for corporations and non-profits as well. Play the recording. See the slides.

This live webinar featured Aaron Foley, the first person in the United States appointed as the chief storyteller for a local government. IABC Detroit President Heather Guenther interviewed Foley about lessons learned in his groundbreaking work to engage a diverse group of voices and discuss events that don’t get covered by the city’s traditional media.

They also talked about principles and potential applications for any organization. After the interview, Aaron answered questions from attendees live.

About civic storytelling: The role of government communications is rapidly changing. In an era when fewer journalists cover local neighborhoods, municipalities are using unique approaches to illuminate the stories that make their communities vibrant places to live, work and play.

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