More than ever before, people are learning, exploring and interacting with customers, prospects, team members and a wide range of stakeholders via compelling, recorded video. Video is helping to inspire action and inform significant business decisions. Anthony_IstricoDuring this webinar on April 14, award-winning director and filmmaker Anthony Istrico of Istrico Productions shared ways to connect with customers and drive action via video. Play the recording. Download the intro slides and the presenter slides.

  • Hear tips and ¬†examples, as well as insights on how we work today.
  • Learn why video can make a difference.
  • Discover types of video to consider.
  • Understand, where to use it .
  • Know ways to budget for success.

Anthony has 20 years of experience in communication and public relations and a strong track record of delivering highly meaningful messages on behalf of his clients. In addition to his film expertise, Anthony’s background in diplomacy and public affairs supports his passion for commanding a storyline. He seamlessly blends creativity and strategic communications, working to entertain his audience and simultaneously drive them to act or change a behavior.

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