Break Through the Noise! The Smart Strategy That Will Engage Any Audience

The events of 2020 have caused every audience—from customers to media to employees—to be even more distracted and harder to reach. That’s why communicators need to create content so compelling that audiences opt in rather than tune out. How? By using strategic insights to develop communication that audiences find relevant, useful and persuasive. In this session, two former IABC Heritage Conference keynote speakers—Alison Davis and David Pitre—shared their formula for success.

David and Alison explained a methodology you can put to use immediately and shared examples of the strategy in action. They built in lots of interaction so you can learn about answers to tough questions and communication challenges. Learn how to:

Quickly create personas that capture your audience’s needs

  • Use design thinking to map your approach
  • Develop content that appeals to audience members’ interest—and captures their attention
  • Manage stakeholders so they buy into your approach

You can download the intro/closing slides and presenter slides or play the recording on our website.

You can also download a recap of the Q&A session.

Register for Alison and David’s ebook: What’s Next: Nine Ways to Reinvent Employee Communication.

About the Presenters

Alison is founder and CEO of Davis and Company, an employee communication firm that focuses on helping companies effectively reach, engage and motivate their employees. Alison is an online columnist for The New York Times and frequently writes articles for leading business and trade publications.

A seasoned blogger and author of several groundbreaking communications books, she writes the Davis & Company blog and an online column for Inc.

David is president of the firm and has developed its communication effectiveness model, model, helping clients demonstrate the value of their work.

He is an experienced speaker and workshop leader and the author of three books on employee and change communication.

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