A Note From IABC Heritage Region’s New Chair

Heritage Region Communicators,

We are in The Information Age.  An age of instantaneous information and communication of images, sounds, and words that can be conveyed globally.  We can express thoughts, ideas, and emotions on information channels that our family, friends, and colleagues are able to share in our experiences – whether we are happy with something in our personal life, resharing something we find profound or meaningful to us, or we want to share in something professionally.  The old ways of communication and interacting with each other are shifting.  And as professional communicators, we are at the forefront of this communication shift.

The Information Age is also transforming our world.  We are more informed about the world around us.  The Internet of Things, social media channels, mobile devices, and wireless signals/transmissions have altered the way our personal and professional lives have meshed. As far as professional communication goes, we see that lines have blurred between what use to be distinct internal and external communication functions.  Now, they both are one in the same. There is a lot of uncertainty as we mix information channels and face infodemics.

Our role as the purveyors of trust, truth, and responsible communication must be maintained to uphold social order and national development. As your representative Heritage Region Chair for this year, I would like to challenge each Chapter to strive for three things:

  • Members and Chapters are the heart and soul of IABC.  I believe in a bottom-up approach is essential to how the association thrives and survives. Be innovative, creative, and think outside the box. Follow your Chapter, Region, and International Bylaws, but do what makes sense for the members in your Chapter. I will support any activities that continue to bring us into the 21st Century and propels the association forward.  
  • Increasing our professional certification across the region to ensure organizations we represent understand that association members adhere to the highest professional global standards as communicators.
  • Strengthening our networks through the region to include corporate memberships. 

In these uncertain times, professional communicators are playing an integral role in the “new normal”. Your Region leadership is here to help you meet your Chapter goals. And, again, as your Region leadership representative, I will do everything I can to help each Chapter thrive and succeed.

I am proud to serve as your Region Chair for the 2021-2022 leadership year.


Sebastian G. Warren, SCMP

Heritage Region Chair 2021-2022

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