What Communicators Need to Know

The workplace is no longer the same and neither should be our communications.  What do communicators need to know to succeed in a post-COVID world? Join us at the Heritage Region’s first virtual conference – TRANSFORM — the afternoon of Friday, Oct. 22 to find out. Here’s what you can learn:

  • Employees are looking for Acceptance, Belonging, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Engagement in their workplace. What’s the communicator’s role?
  • Many are still working remotely. Others are not. How should we handle this hybrid workforce?
  • Research shows the best practices and forecasts for marketing in a post-COVID world.
  • There are new standards of accounting and reporting that measure communicators long-term impact on shareholder value.
  • How to successfully plan, develop, market and host virtual events for your organization.
  • How to shape and influence culture in a remote work environment.
  • How you can demonstrate that your communications are helping your organization succeed.
  • Learn from award-winning communicators in our region.
  • And, socialize with peers and speakers at the end.

Communicators can be a powerful catalyst to shape the narrative, encourage dialogue, and bring groups together — a unique and important role. We can communicate hope, we can inspire, we can challenge outdated perceptions, and we can widen the door of opportunity and context for our organizations. We have the ability to TRANSFORM communications. 

Don’t miss this affordable conference, TRANSFORM, 1-5:30 pm, Oct. 22.  Early Bird pricing ends Oct. 11. Register now!

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