Upcoming Webinar from IABC Philadelphia

Wednesday, December 15, 2022

12pm-1pm EST

Learn more and register at: https://www.iabcphiladelphia.org/automatically_increase_engagement

Top-ranked speaker Nancy Harhut will offer shortcuts to ensure that all of your marketing messages generate engagement and response. From a behavioral science perspective, she will show you how to ensure that your messages trigger decisions and persuade people to act.


Nancy is known for her interesting and actionable insights that focus on the impact of behavioral science on marketing. She’s wowed audiences in Sydney, London, Berlin, and all over the US with her high-energy, example-jammed presentations. The Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of HBT Marketing, Nancy’s been named one of the 10 Most Fascinating People in B2B Marketing, a Social Top 50 Email Marketing Leader, and a Top 40 Digital Strategist. She and her teams have won over 200 awards for B2C and B2B marketing effectiveness. Check out her new book, “Using Behavioral Science in Marketing.”

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