Crisis Communications Virtual Panel Discussion: How to Prepare for and Deal with a Crisis

IABC New York Tristate and IABC Philadelphia chapters invite you to join a lively crisis communications panel discussion geared toward in-house communicators and external consultants

Thursday, January 19, 2023
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Chapter Members: $10
Guests: $20
Students: $5

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One thing we know for sure is that a crisis will happen. From political issues, product recalls, and pandemics to the hundreds of other predicaments that may arise, it’s not a matter of if a crisis will happen but when it will happen. And when it happens, you’ll be called upon as a communicator for guidance. Are you prepared?

If you’ve experienced a crisis at your company, you understand that it can be fast and furious. The departments involved have different goals and responsibilities, which won’t always align. The important thing is that when a crisis happens, communicators are ready to react in a way that’s fast and smart.

Our discussion focuses on how communicators can bring the right people together and create a path forward that mitigates legal risk and protects the brand during times of crisis.

Rick Alcántara and Audra Hession, presidents of IABC Philadelphia and IABC NYC/Tristate, will lead the discussion. Joining the conversation are:

Our esteemed panelists bring a diverse mix of perspectives and will share their secret sauce for effective crisis communications.

Even if crisis response is not your full-time responsibility, it’s something you’ll face sooner or later in your career.

What you’ll gain from this program:

  • A solid understanding of the types of crises that may arise
  • What communicators can do to be better prepared
  • How to work with the variety of players involved
  • What to consider when communicating externally and internally
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