WEBINAR: Two-Part Leadership Series

Part 1: Establishing a Leadership Brand

All leaders have a brand – the defining characteristics of their leadership style that characterize both how they operate and how they are perceived. Taking the time to articulate that brand for yourself is a key first step in living into that brand with intentionality and ensuring that the way you are perceived aligns with your values. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the key dimensions of a leadership brand and participants will complete a guided exercise to outline their own leadership brands.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023, 6 p.m. EST | $10

Part 2: Leading Through Vision

Most of our organizations have a vision or a mission. It’s memorialized on websites and email signatures and wall decor all over the office. But can you articulate how your function, team, or individual role contribute to that vision? Can the people you lead? If you want to empower your team to make good decisions, they need to have the strategic context necessary to make those decisions. They need to be able to talk about how the work they do every day contributes to the mission or vision. In this workshop, we’ll do the work of drilling into your organization’s vision to define how your team contributes to realizing that vision, and how to leverage that understanding to level up your leadership and empower your teams.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023, 12 p.m. EST | $10

Alyssa Cox of Blue Swift Consulting will head up the conversation — she’s an organizational effectiveness strategist who helps clients become better leaders.

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