WEBINAR: How Digital Marketers Are Preparing For the 4th Quarter Now (Yes, now!)

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If acronyms like CDP, CRM, and ESPs have you wondering what they have to do with communications, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to take a peek into what our colleagues in digital marketing are doing to prepare for their 4th quarter.

As communicators, we can learn alot from digital marketing and Jhara Valentini, president and founder of Valentini Media Group, will lead a session on the work they do to promote brands and drive engagement. In this session, Jhara will discuss how to use audience and cohort segmentation, first-party data, and the new Google Analytics (GA4) to ensure what you do now sets you up for the rest of the calendar year.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, you’ll walk away with actionable insights you can use to improve any marketing campaign.

Join us Tuesday, May 16, 2023, 2pm – 3pm ET

Jhara Valentini, President and Founder, Valentini Media Group

Experienced digital media, marketing and omni-channel professional, Jhara Valentini specializes in building high growth eCommerce businesses and digital experiences. A true digital lover, with over twelve years of experience, Jhara uses an analytic and engagement based approach to ensure the best return on investment with every social and paid media campaign. 

Developing meaningful audience relationships and using her exceptional skills in management, merchandising, creative and optimization, she has been profitable on every major digital and social media outlet. As group lead and firm liaison, Jhara smoothly integrates with client teams and personally oversees all aspects of client projects.

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