Webinar: Effective Leadership Communications: Amidst DEIB Setbacks

IABC Philadelphia

Join us November 06, 2023 at 12:00pm – 1pm

Srijata Bhatnagar, a true expert in leading through tough times, will lead an interactive debate-style session that will explore how powerful leadership communications can turn tough times into triumphs. Think about how Target, Kohl’s, North Face, and others have suffered for supporting DEIB causes. Imagine you were at the helm of corporate communications in these companies or the leader in these companies facing the heat!

  • What would be your communication strategy for this crisis as a leader?
  • How would you protect your employees, assets, and reputation?
  • With minimum or no casualties, how will you create a win-win-win for all?

By the end of the program, you will leave with:

  • Clarity on the most effective way of creating and delivering official leadership communications during the DEIB crisis.
  • How to look strong without adopting an aggressive communication strategy.
  • Communicating empathically and compassionately towards all groups.
  • Establishing inspirational leadership through communications in the face of such challenges.
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