2012 Silver Quill Recipients

2012 Awards of Excellence Winners

The Dow Chemical Company Performance Plastics Division, Michigan, for “The Roadmap to Success,” internal communications programs;

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Ohio, for Forefront, “Public Finances: Shining Light on a Dark Corner — new ideas on economic policy,” publications/magazines;

Allegra Network, Michigan, for “Marketing Insider,” publications/magazines;

McGraw Wentworth and College for Creative Studies, Troy, Michigan, for “2012 Benefit Enrollment Guide,” publication design/brochure and leaflets;

NRG Energy, Meredith Moore, Charlie Waterfall, Jay Hodgkins, and Michele Tsai, Princeton, N.J., for “The Point: NRG 2011 Annual Report,” publications design/annual reports;

CVS Caremark and Buck Consultants , Atlanta, GA, for “CVS Caremark Corporation Targeted Future Fund  Communication,”  benefits communication; and,

Hilton Hotel and Resorts, McLean, VA, for “Stay Hilton, Go Out: Hilton Targets LGBT Travelers With Pride,” customer relations.

2012 Awards of Merit Winners

Fidelity Investments, Alison Cordray and University of California, William Ryan, San Francisco, CA, for “UC Financial Education Program,” benefits communication;

Connecticut Health Investigative Team (C-HIT) and author Barbara Puffer, ABC, New Haven, CT, for “Is Myriad’s Patent on Breast Cancer Genes Valid?” news writing;

Enterprise, Columbia, MD, for “Enterprise Integrated Website and Intranet,” electronic and digital communication;
Allegra Network, Plymouth, MI, for “”Marketing Insider,” publication design/magazines; and,

Puffer Public Relations Strategies, Fort Myers Beach, Florida, for Bristol Adult Resource Center, “Together We Are Better,” special publications.

Thank you, 2012 Silver Quill Quad Captains & Judges!
Joy Lovejoy, ABC, Ann Middleman, Deborah Moore, Lesley Morrey, Mike Sorohan and Tom Roux

Jerry Allocaa, Keith Bollmer, Deborah Dupont, Brian Kidder, Lauren Libitz, Ned Lundquist, ABC, Pat Masterson, ABC, Tracey Segarra, Michael Tucker, Connie Ruhe, Linda Sanders, Erica Sorohan, Mev Wilson and Sheila Ziegler

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