IABC Member Benefits

IABC offers a wide range of benefits. The following advantages are available only if you have a current membership.

  • Skills

    Opportunities to develop leadership skills by serving on an IABC committee, task force or in chapter leadership. (Local chapters are not available in all areas.)

  • Networking

    A local network to support you where you live and work. (Local chapters are not available in all areas.)

  • Mentoring

    Mentorship opportunities worldwide.

  • Recognition

    Gold Quill Awards Evaluator opportunities—learn how to evaluate against the Global Standard by serving as a Gold Quill Awards evaluator.

  • Discounts

    Deep discounts on the IABC World Conference, the IABC Heritage Region Communication Conference, the regional Silver Quill Awards and international Gold Quill Awards programs, chapter programs, and education in the IABC Academy, including the All-Access Pass and IABC Business Acumen Certificate.

    A 75% discount on professional certification through the Global Communication Certification Council

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Plus, corporate memberships are available to provide even more benefits.

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