2015 Silver Quill Recipients

2015 Award of Excellence Winners

Gerald Curtis, Marketing Associates, Detroit, MI, “KitchenAid Hybrid Email Campaign,” Digital Communication Vehicles.

Doug Grassian and Paul Fitzhenry, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Akron, OH, “Launching the Next Generation Goodyear Blimp,” Special Events—External.

Dara Kahn Peskin and Tom Roszkowski, Goodwill Industries International, Rockville, MD, “Goodwill 2014 Winter Donations,” Other Graphic Design.

Amy Ochs and Christina Hreshko, Bechtel Corporate Communications, Reston, VA, “Bechtel Vision, Values & Covenants,” Employee Engagement.

Cindy Reberg, Erin Van Norman and Emily Michaels, Comcast Spotlight, Bingham Farms, MI, “OneSpotlight Roadmap to Success Communication Strategy,” Internal Communication.

Lindsay Roylance Rothstein, Sue DePasquale and Mia Scharper, Johns Hopkins Medicine International, Baltimore, MD, “Global Collaborative Healthcare,” Publications.

Alison Stern-Dunyak, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, The MITRE Corporation, Bedford, MA, “FFRDCs—A Primer,” Publications (Pictured: Stern-Dunyak with Forrest Hughes, past IABC Heritage Region chair.)

Tiph Turpin and Lauren Johnson, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Gaithersburg, MD, “Inclusion in Action Campaign,” Internal Communication.

Alejandra Villarreal, Amy Ochs and LeeAnne Lang, Stewardship Advisory Council, Bechtel, Reston, VA, “Bechtel Global Stewardship Month,” Special Events—External.

Jill Vitiello, Richelle Feigin and Kristen Erickson, Vitiello Communications Group, North Brunswick, NJ, “Merck Fellowship for Global Health: 2015 Application Campaign,” Employee Engagement.

Mary Yanocha, Global Tax Management, Radnor, PA, “GTM Elevator Pitch Initiative,” Internal Communication.

2015 Award of Merit Winners

Michael Buller and Melanie Graham, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA, “Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Insight Blog,” Digital Communication Channels.

Christine Cleary, Clare Sullivan and Carole Dalby, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA, “Oral Chemotherapy Animated Videos,” Audio/Visual.

Gerald Curtis, Marketing Associates, Detroit, MI, “Hush Puppies Facebook Fall Fashion Quiz,” Digital Communication Channels.

John Deveney, DEVENEY, New Orleans, LA, “Children’s Hospital New Orleans: Hogs for the Cause Appreciation Video,” Audio/Visual.

Bonnie Eaton, Freddie Mac, McLean, VA, “I AM Freddie Mac,” Writing. (Pictured: Pat McCall, accepting for Eaton, with Forrest Hughes, past IABC Heritage Region chair.) Pat McCall receives award from Forrest Hughes for Bonnie Eaton of Freddie Mac 10-18-15.JPG

Kate Evans-Correia and Nancy Wolff-Giard, Sanofi, Framingham, MA, “NA Regional IS Annual Review 2014,” Digital Communication Vehicles.

Jennifer Fry, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Southfield, MI, “Provider Outreach SharePoint Site,” Digital Communication Channels.

Danette Kauffman, Jeanne Wolfson, Doug Been and Jennifer Lemmert, Freddie Mac, McLean, VA, “Launching Wellness Works—Freddie Mac’s Renewed Focus on Creating a Healthier Work Place,” Human Resources and Benefits Communication.

Adara Ney, Guard Your Health, Booz Allen Hamilton, Washington, DC, “Staying Fit, Staying Ready,” Audio/Visual.

Mary Lou Panzano, Amy Miller, Ray Kerins, Joe Hathaway, Marquis Johnson, Carolyn Bender, Mike Birdsong, Sarah Toulouse, Susan Anderson, Mark Bennett and Chris Loder, Bayer Corporation, Whippany, NJ, “Bayer: Science for a Better Life Interactive Exhibit,” Multi-Audience Communication.

Suzanne Parkey and Sherry English, Parkey Design, Cincinnati, OH, “UC College of Law Viewbook,” Publications.

Nick Tylawsky and Ken Luciani, Participant Education and Participant Intelligence, Vanguard, Malvern, PA, “University of Southern California Beneficiary Email Testing Campaign,” Research Innovation.

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