Power and Presence: How to Step Up as a Leader and Influence Your Organization

Are you getting the respect your expertise deserves, or the resources you need to do your job effectively?

Join us Wednesday, February 22, 2023, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (EST) for this 60-minute online session in which Kathryn Kneller, an expert at helping senior leaders to communicate more effectively, will share practical tips to become more influential in your organization.

  • First, we’ll take a look at what makes someone a leader? Why are some people influential and others not? 
  • Second, we’ll look at leadership “presence” and the core components of leadership. We’ll break these down into tangible things you can do to convey a greater sense of power with your colleagues and stakeholders.
  • Finally, we’ll explore a framework that will help you put these learnings into practice over the next three months.

*Students: $5; Chapter Members: $10; Guests: $20

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